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Ukraine - A Message from Iuliia Drobysh (a former UNHS intern)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Message posted on Facebook by Iuliia Drobysh in Ukraine. The link to the full post can be found here:

"Friends, thank you so much to each and every one of you for the immense and absolutely incredible outpouring of love and support these days. You all are so amazing. My family and I have been safe.

Just today, for the first time in life, I have experienced how it feels to be sheltering underground from airstrikes for around 2 hours. I am currently in Cherkasy. If you look up, Cherkasy is less than 400 km from the border with Belarus, less than 200 km from Kyiv. And especially in the latter, it's unprecedented to think: rockets are fired, sporadic explosions on civilian targets, paratroopers land to seize control locally. All from the biggest country in the world. For a second, in the twenty first century and in Europe.

Words are not enough. How can it be that someone decides to "cleanse" another sovereign country in our modern world? Where do we fall short of values as the international community? Is it really the case that "the weak suffer what they must"?

To me, it's difficult to embrace that the world's formerly third largest nuclear power, now disarmed for "security" guarantees, is being openly attacked. With a fully fledged war up north, east and south, as well as rockets launched up and down the country across the regions. All of my friends from Russia feel utterly helpless, shocked, apologetic. And we, Ukrainians, feel utterly lost and, importantly, betrayed.

Friends, please don't give in to panic - the main aim is to scare the population - which we should not do but to stay strong together instead. Please read credible news, please take care and support each other, donate to the NGOs that assist our army and please volunteer where needed.

Все буде добре."

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