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#UNHS Partner 4: Positive Action in Housing

Call to Action: Put pressure on the government to deal with the humanitarian crisis emerging from Afghanistan.
The U.K. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that the U.K. will waive border rules to allow Afghan asylum seekers to enter the U.K. without a passport.
While this is to be welcomed, it is the bare minimum that the UK and the US should do after a war on terror that cost over 70,000 civilian lives, lasted 20 years and took a week to disintegrate.
But we aren’t being told the specifics of numbers and timescales.
Put pressure on the government Please contact your MP with specific demands:
1. Suspend refugee removals to Afghanistan. We need to be getting people to safety, not putting them back in danger.
2. Grant asylum now to Afghan refugees already here, many of whom have been left waiting years for an asylum decision and unable to start their life.
3. The U.K. government has announced it will resettle 20,000 Afghan civilians “in the coming years”. When will that resettlement programme begin? How many civilians will be resettled each year?
4. To work with other governments to create a coalition that will provide safe routes to sanctuary, funding and homes for people from Afghanistan.
5. To put in place humanitarian visas. People should not have to make dangerous, life-threatening journeys in order to Avoid staying in a country that is dangerous and life-threatening.
6. To increase UK humanitarian support to Afghanistan and Afghan civil society, reversing the recent UK aid cuts, and mobilising the funding necessary to meet our responsibilities towards the Afghan people
Positive Action in Housing has been supporting Afghan refugees since 2001. We assist asylum seeking families with pre-legal advice, casework, shelter, food, crisis support and practical help.
It’s an important step to helping families to resettle and begin to rebuild their lives. In 2021, Afghanistan is on track to see a record number of civilian casualties, with the worst hit being women and children.
We expect to see an upsurge in the numbers of Afghan refugees needing our support. Your regular financial donation will help us delivery key humanitarian projects providing direct support to those seeking asylum in the U.K.
  • Housing & Homelessness Project (Assisting asylum seekers and refugees with housing and homelessness problems)

  • Refugee Resettlement Project (helping new refugees to resettle)

  • Emergency Relief Fund (crisis grants, bus passes and food vouchers)

  • Room for Refugees (Scotland, England and US refugee hosting network)

  • Humans of Glasgow (Volunteer network directly supporting asylum seekers in need)

We welcome your feedback and look forward to continued engagement with you during this critical time.

Finally, donate to our humanitarian work at this CAF link . See our latest annual report here.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Robina Qureshi Director Positive Action in Housing

Donate safely and securely here or via JustGiving or PayPal.

Post a cheque (made payable to Positive Action in Housing Ltd) to: Positive Action in Housing 98 West George St, Glasgow G2 1PJ

Set up a monthly donation here

Donate via internet banking: Account name: Positive Action in Housing Sort Code: 82 20 00 Account: 00447398

Companies can request an invoice for tax/auditing purposes, email

Help someone from a refugee background get back on their feet by offering a temporary self contained accommodation or a room (all guests are screened) Sign up here - for more info email

About this appeal

Positive Action in Housing’s Lifeline Service provides a breathing space so that people can decide their options and create a forward plan with their lawyer and caseworker. This approach has produced life transforming outcomes, putting autonomy back into peoples’ lives. We focus resources on those at risk of exploitation: unaccompanied children, families, pregnant woman, the elderly and sick, and lone individuals living in poverty and people with health problems/disabilities. As well as arranging shelter, our Winter Surgery provides bus tokens, food vouchers and hygiene packs, with books and art materials for children. We will also provide crisis grants to ensure people in these vulnerable and at-risk groups do not go hungry, cold, or forced to live on the street. In 2018/19, Positive Action in Housing assisted 1,501 destitute refugees & asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine and Yemen with advice, legal representation, shelter, and crisis funds at crucial stages in their settlement. We provided 48K nights of shelter ( and distributed £60K from our Emergency Relief Fund – providing a genuine lifeline. We work to resolve a crisis and rebuild lives. See our latest impact report Thank you for supporting this appeal.

Positive Action in Housing Working together to rebuild lives Scottish Registered Charity SC027577

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