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UNHS Partner, ICAN, Wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

UNHouse Scotland is excited by the news that our partner organisation, ICAN, has won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize!

We welcome this amazing news and also recognise the huge amount of work by ICAN in helping to shape the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). The Treaty was agreed by 143 states parties at the UN in New York in July and was signed by over 50 states on Wednesday 20 September. Numbers of states increase daily and there are now almost 100 states pledged never to own, transport, house or in any other way be in contact with nuclear weapons. This achievement is in large part due to the diligence, commitment, honesty, integrity and transparency of ICAN.

We are so proud to be a Partner Organisation of ICAN. Well done ICAN!

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