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Making Global Goals Local Business

In times of this unprecedented crisis, it is obvious to say that the global pandemic has severely hit every aspect of our lives. There is nothing more important than to overcome the current crisis by providing effective, just and sustainable responses. If we do it right, we will become stronger than ever, and hopefully, we will be better prepared for even greater challenges in the future. It becomes clear that working towards 17 Sustainable Development Goals is more important than ever.

For 20 years, UN Global Compact has been uniting businesses dedicated to making the world a better place. Each of its local networks brings together and supports businesses in becoming more sustainable. We strongly invite you to explore the work of UN Global Compact and we encourage all businesses to join a local Network. Click below for:

Please click here to explore the online events organised by the UN Global Compact Network UK.

We especially encourage you to join the Making Global Goals Local Business: Edinburgh edition webinar on 26th May. It is an opportunity for everyone in Edinburgh to connect and explore the Goals. We will be there too!

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