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UNHS: A Simple Guide to Sustainable Living

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Whether or not you have just been introduced to the idea of sustainable living or have been trying to better your lifestyle for a while now, this guide will be a great resource for you!

If you’re just starting out, you can find all of the basics right here and do more research on topics that you are curious about. If you’re already a Sustainable Development Goal champion, have a look through and perhaps you’ll find something you’ve never considered before or get even more ideas to improve your lifestyle.

"Wow this is great – I really struggle in some groups to relate the SDG to their real world this is so good"

"This FANTASTIC RESOURCE. I will be sharing it widely. Who thought such a treasure could be found on Saturday Morning when tidying through the emails. Congrats to all for this resource."

Download below or click here to view.

Bringing the SDGs Home
Download PDF • 4.86MB

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