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Friends of Earth Scotland: Plastic and the Climate Emergency

Friends of the Earth Scotland

In Friends of Earth Scotland's new blog post they seek to explore the lessor known effects of plastics on climate change. They discuss how the growth of fracking in the US has created an abundance of cheap gas which then is used to create wasteful plastic products. Ineos even ships fracked gas across the ocean to Grangemouth much of which eventually becomes the single-use plastics we use here in Scotland and across Europe. Plastic waste is often the end point of a long and polluting pipeline of fossil fuel extraction, production, a short-life span and then being thrown away. That’s why Friends of Earth Scotland is pushing for a change in the law to create a more 'Circular Economy' so companies have to design products that last longer, be more reusable and be easily recycled.

Read more about the true climate cost of plastic on their website:

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